Gravel Crusher For Sale In Singapore

Gravel Crusher For Sale In Singapore

Gravel Crusher

 Gravel Crusher, a kind of gravel machinery commonly used in the sand and gravel industry. Due to the low technical content, energy consumption and dust pollution of traditional sand making equipment, it is far from the green construction and energy saving and emission reduction advocated by the current sand making equipment. So how to resolve the dusty days in the production process of Gravel Crushers? It has become a problem that must be considered by manufacturers of mine sand making equipment. Based on this, the following A&C technicians will do a simple dust-proof science for everyone, the specific details are as follows:

How to resolve the dusty situation in the production process of Gravel Crusher?

1, dust reduction measures – source

1. By effectively sealing the feed port and the discharge port of the Gravel Crusher, and then installing the fan for dust extraction, the dust diffusion can be controlled on the dust source.

2, through the optimization of the Gravel Crusher body itself, such as: the use of multi-layer screen in the Gravel Crusher screening process, which not only can improve the cleanliness of the finished material, but also effectively reduce the amount of dust.

2, dust reduction measures – in operation

The dust that has been left out during the working process of the Gravel Crusher can also be improved by the following two points:

1. By reducing the speed of material discharge from the Gravel Crusher. The material is discharged from the discharge port after being processed by the Gravel Crusher. The force will cause the dust to diffuse rapidly into the air. If the flow rate of the material can be appropriately reduced, the dust can be prevented from spreading too fast. However, the shortcoming is that this method will directly affect the production efficiency of the Gravel Crusher.

2, by sprinkling water. For example, it is possible to add an appropriate amount of water to the material to be crushed, which can greatly reduce the dust generated in the work of the Gravel Crusher. In addition, for a windy environment, it is recommended to install a dust humidifier in the loading and unloading of the material. The water spray and humidification are considered in the open storage yard of materials and materials, so as to reduce the dust, which can effectively curb the dust problem in windy weather, so that the dust crusher can also be reduced in the operation of the Gravel Crusher.

3, dust removal measures – after the operation

To maintain the normal maintenance habits of the sand making equipment, it is necessary to replace the aging parts in time, and also pay attention to the lubrication work of the various parts inside the equipment.

Gravel Crusher solution

1. In terms of structure: a traditional air blower design, using a unique air self-circulating blast system, can not only reduce the amount of air discharged from the Gravel Crusher, but also prevent some dust from leaking and causing environmental pollution; The optimization and improvement of the impact angle of the crushing cavity of the Gravel Crusher can also greatly reduce the wear of the wear parts of the new generation Gravel Crusher and reduce the friction noise of the components.

2. In the aspect of adding dustproof parts: emulating the grinding equipment, adding some auxiliary dust collecting equipment in its production process, such as pulse dust collector, the equipment can effectively remove dust more than 99%, basically achieve pollution-free production.

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