Hydraulic Press For Crushed Concrete Tiles

Hydraulic Press For Crushed Concrete Tiles

Why does the Concrete Crusher spindle break?

The main shaft is the main part of the Concrete Crusher. It carries the load generated by the Concrete Crusher when it is broken. So why does the Concrete Crusher main shaft break? Here is a detailed introduction for everyone:

1, quality problems

When the Concrete Crusher main shaft is manufactured, the quality of the main shaft is degraded due to unsatisfactory design, and the broken phenomenon is likely to occur when the Concrete Crusher is broken.

2, long time overload operation

In the case of a long-time overload operation, the Concrete Crusher increases the spring pressure and does not satisfy the crushing force required for the crushed ore, thereby causing vibration of the upper part of the Concrete Crusher, resulting in the main shaft of the Concrete Crusher.

3, improper operation

When the Concrete Crusher enters the large particle material, the phenomenon of jamming occurs, which causes the spindle of the Concrete Crusher to be damaged, which eventually leads to the phenomenon of fracture. Of course, when entering the unbreakable material and the iron, the main shaft portion will have a severe impact, and the main shaft forms a huge resistance, causing the phenomenon of fracture.

4, the discharge fineness is too low

When the user uses the Concrete Crusher, the discharge fineness required for the Concrete Crusher is too low, which increases the probability of the machine’s card machine. During the process of the card machine, the spindle will be seriously damaged, and then the break may occur. phenomenon.

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