Jaw Crusher For Iron Ore

Jaw Crusher For Iron Ore

Iron Ore Jaw Crusher main accessories

Accessories are an important part of Iron Ore Jaw Crushers and need to be replaced on a regular basis, so they are also called consumables for Iron Ore Jaw Crushers. The accessories of the Iron Ore Jaw Crusher include plate hammer, side guard plate, counterattack plate, square steel, pressing block, etc. These accessories are mostly cast or forged with high-manganese steel, high-chromium, high-strength composite and other wear-resistant materials. The following is a detailed analysis of the accessories of the Iron Ore Jaw Crusher.

1. Plate hammer. The hammer is made of high-chromium alloy material and new manufacturing technology. The unique structural design, the finished product is cubic, no tension and crack, the grain shape is quite good, it is a reliable high wear-resistant casting, and it also greatly improves the hammer. Service life. Moreover, the structural design of the hammer is reasonable, and has the advantages of quick loading and unloading, multiple transposition, etc., and can effectively shorten the time for changing the hammer. However, during use, when the hammer is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to the fasteners and other components.

2, side shields. The edge guard is a consumable part of the Iron Ore Jaw Crusher. The wear resistance of the Iron Ore Jaw Crusher is reduced after the wear and aging, and the liner is often shot down, and the sealing performance of the Iron Ore Jaw Crusher is reduced to produce a large dust. After the technical update, the side shields produced by Shanghai A&C Iron Ore Jaw Crusher suppliers are generally made of medium alloy, which has good wear resistance and greatly improves the service life of the edge guards.

3. Counterattack board. The counterattack is the impact of the material rebounded by the hammer, causing the material to be crushed by impact, and the impact-broken material is rebounded back into the impact zone, and the crushed product is again crushed to obtain the required product size. The counter-attack plate is generally cast from high-manganese steel, and has various structural forms. Generally, two structural forms are used, which are polygonal and arc-shaped, and have the function of adjusting the discharge opening.

4. Fanggang. Square steel has a square structure and can be divided into seams and seamless. Slotted square steel is welded together by steel plates to form square steel pipes. Seamless square steel is made from seamless steel tubes. Its compressive capacity is much greater than that of a square pipe. The Iron Ore Jaw Crusher square steel plays the role of not allowing the material to be discharged from the front. After the strict heat treatment process, the wear-resistant parts are used with high strength, and the key components are the national export products such as Torrington bearings. The equipment is invested once and the benefit is high.

5. Press the block. The compacting block of Iron Ore Jaw Crusher is widely used in various mining machinery. It has excellent material and stable performance and can be made according to different requirements. After the load test run is completed, the necessary adjustments should be made to the compact block. The compacting block has the characteristics of stable chemical composition, reasonable heat treatment process, good wear resistance and high strength. The clamping block automatic clamping mechanism adopts the functions of cylinder drive, linkage mechanism and linear guide rail to realize the sequential action of clamping, feeding, clamping at the other end, simultaneous release and retraction. The whole process adopts full pneumatic control, and the action is accurate and reliable, which satisfies the requirements of users.

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