Quarry Crusher Manufacturers In India

Quarry Crusher Manufacturers In India

Iron ore Quarry Crusher

The iron ore Quarry Crusher is a kind of mechanical Quarry Crusher that crushes iron ore ore in stages, from large raw iron ore to millimeter-scale fine material. Used for iron; second, the broken iron ore can be used in many industries such as chemical industry, construction, metallurgy and so on. Of course, the hardness of iron ore material is high. The long-term crushing of this material by Quarry Crusher will also cause some problems affecting the work. What is the problem, as follows:

1. Uneven iron ore crushing: If the iron ore Quarry Crusher is found to have a large block of broken iron ore, this indicates that the tooth plate of the iron ore Quarry Crusher has failed. The stone can be crushed and it is precisely because of the action of the tooth plate. The larger the stone particles, the looser the tooth plate is. At this time, it is recommended to tighten the tooth plate to make the iron ore Quarry Crusher better. Also pay attention to maintenance work.

2. Vibration of Quarry Crusher: If the vibration of the Quarry Crusher occurs during the working process of the iron ore Quarry Crusher, it may be that the screw of the Quarry Crusher is loose or the base is unstable, resulting in The Quarry Crusher sways in the broken iron ore. In this case, it is necessary to stop immediately to find the cause, or to view the other parts of the Quarry Crusher in a wider range, so as not to work better, the iron ore Quarry Crusher will not appear during normal operation. In the case of mechanical vibration, this situation generally indicates that the mechanical screw is loose.

3. Damage to the accessories: For example, the eccentric shaft bushing of the iron ore Quarry Crusher is loose, causing the two sides of the frame bearing to have no gap, so the eccentric shaft is stuck and cannot be rotated; if the bearing is damaged, it is necessary to immediately find out the cause and solve the problem. So as not to cause bigger problems. In addition, pay attention to the low voltage in the workplace, which will cause the host to encounter large iron ore and cannot be broken.

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