Single Coal Roll Crusher Supplier

Single Coal Roll Crusher Supplier

Single Coal Roll Crusher

Main features of Single Coal Roll Crusher

1. The moving jaw is located on the outside of the crushing chamber. The new model transmits the eccentric motion to the outer moving jaw through the movable side plate. There is no eccentric link collar device like the traditional compound pendulum Single Coal Roll Crusher.

2. The crushing chamber has a large inclination angle and a deep cavity type, which contributes to the feeding and discharging and the realization of a large crushing ratio.

3. The pulley and flywheel are arranged on both sides of the middle of the equipment to realize the negative suspension and large transmission angle mechanism.

4. Adjustable hang is suspended from the frame by the suspension shaft, and the lower part is connected to the frame through the lining plate. By adjusting the gasket, the rotation of the suspension shaft can be adjusted to change the size of the discharge opening and control the discharge granularity.

5. For large Single Coal Roll Crushers, in order to reduce the quality of equipment and improve the rigidity, the frame is a detachable and welded box structure, which is convenient for transportation and installation in a small space under the well.

Single Coal Roll Crusher performance advantages

1. Large crushing ratio can simplify the crushing process

The Single Coal Roll Crusher adopts a large crushing ratio design, and replaces the traditional three-stage crushing crushing process with two sections, which greatly simplifies the crushing process. Due to the short process, the number of equipment to be equipped is reduced, and the number of auxiliary operations to be set is inevitable.

2, low profile, easy to operate

Through the inclined arrangement of the crushing chamber and the structural design of the negative suspension, the installation height of the pulley and the flywheel is reduced, thereby greatly reducing the overall height and feeding height of the equipment.

3, the moving track is more reasonable

This novel mechanism design completely changes the trajectory of the traditional crusher. By reasonably designing the mechanism parameters, the dynamic trajectory can be flexibly adjusted to obtain the ideal dynamic motion characteristics.

4, the discharge size is small

The ratio of the size of the discharge opening to the large discharge size is an important parameter for selecting the crusher. Shanghai A&C Single Coal Roll Crusher is generally 1:1.1 for soft rock and about 1:1.4 for hard rock. This feature allows the Single Coal Roll Crusher to have a small discharge size and a significant advantage in achieving a large crush ratio.

5, the use of the liner is extended

The dynamic trajectory is ideal, the component of the wear direction is small, the wear of the lining is significantly reduced, and the production data indicates that the life of the lining is at least 3 to 5 times higher.

6, efficient, energy saving

The reciprocating motion of the new model provides a reliable feed guarantee for the Single Coal Roll Crusher and promotes the discharge. The smaller eccentricity of the new model can achieve a larger breaking stroke than the conventional Single Coal Roll Crusher of the same specification. Therefore, the equipment runs smoothly and the speed is increased by 10%. The production capacity is 10%-20% higher than the traditional Single Coal Roll Crusher. The small wear stroke greatly reduces the useless work and low energy consumption. The single machine saves 10%-20% energy compared with the traditional equipment, and the crushing system saves more than double energy.

According to the above analysis, Shanghai A&C Single Coal Roll Crusher will replace the traditional Single Coal Roll Crusher with its large output, low energy consumption, large crushing ratio and high efficiency, thus rapidly expanding market share and improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, the Single Coal Roll Crusher has a huge market prospect, welcome to come to our company to purchase equipment.

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